My strengths (as with any HD reader) are my own experience. If you have a similar type, authority, profile, or incarnation cross as me, I can offer deeper knowledge & have more of an impact. Take a look at the offerings below – if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


When booking an offering at the link below, please include:
– The offering you would like
– Amount of time needed (1 or 2 hours for advanced & relationship)
– Birth information for all charts being pulled (date, exact time, and location)
– Your email address
If you ordered a blueprint: it will be delivered via email in 1-2 weeks.
For video readings: once you make a payment, I will reach out to you to schedule an appointment. 
*Please note I need at least 1 week from booking in order to put your chart together.

throat human design

Blueprint Only

Each 25+ page Blueprint includes an introduction to HD and breaks down your individual chart. This breakdown will show you a different way of seeing yourself, increase your self-awareness, and ultimately show you how to love yourself on a deeper level. $125

Human Design Head Center

Basic Readings

For anyone new to HD.
2+ hour session includes a 25+ page PDF chart breakdown that is reviewed via a recorded Zoom call (or in-person if local). $275

Advanced & Relationship Readings

Have studied HD and would like to go deeper or improve communication dynamics with another person (partner, parents, children, coworkers, etc).
For composite readings, each session includes a 30+ page PDF breakdown of both individual & composite charts. Topics include: strengths, how to best support, how to best communicate.
$200/hour via Zoom (in-person if local)

quad right manifestor

Package Guided Human Design Sessions

Includes your unique PDF blueprint, 2 Human Design Readings 2 months apart, 2 additional calls/in-person meetings for support to walk you through any questions or blocks, and ongoing support via text/email during the 3 months we work together.

1) 1st Basic Reading: We will meet for a basic reading to go over your chart & set intentions for the next 3 months of working together (~ 2 hours).

After the basic reading, you begin to implement & experiment with your S&A. I am available via text/email to answer any questions over a 3 month period as you begin to integrate & live your design.

2) 30-day Check-in Call: a 30-60 minute touchbase to go over more in-depth questions about your chart & integration 30 days after your initial reading.

3) 2nd reading: Includes a review of the past 60 days plus a deeper dive into your channels, PHS, and environment. (1-2 hours)

4) Final Call: a 30-60 minute closing call to review the past 90 days, answer any integration/deconditioning questions, and tools to help support you on your HD path moving forward

Additional add-ons for support: yoga, cacao ceremony, inner child support, breathwork, EFT tapping, Angel Card Readings

$1,200 – sessions via zoom (in-person if local)

Looking for something else? Contact me for more info on custom sessions designed specifically for you & your needs.


Ninas enthusiasm for Human Design is infectious. She combines that passion with deep knowledge to help people understand their personal chart. These understandings can help people move through the world with more confidence. I especially loved learning about my centers and how they related to my closest relationships. Nina read my chart but also crossed referenced it with my children and partners charts. I highly recommend Nina for your Human Design reading.

Alexis M.

1/3 Sacral Generator

My husband and I are very different, which can be great…but it also can be very challenging. Nina did an in depth human design reading for us and it really helped us to understand each other on a deeper level. I have noticed improvements in our relationship and more appreciation for each other. Human design can be complicated, but Nina made it easy to understand and she took time to answer all of our questions. Her passion and excitement about human design is contagious! 

Amanda A.

2/4 Emotional Manifestor

About two months ago I had a reading with Nina and I am so glad I did. I learned a lot and it has been already very helpful integrating it in my day to day life. Understanding why certain ways have not worked for me and now having learned ways that do-because of my human design! It’s like looking at the world through a total different lens. Nina did an amazing job explaining and delivering my design. Looking forward to getting a more in depth reading in a few months.

Alex P.

5/1 Emotional Manifestor

Nina was the person who initially got me interested in human design. Her passion for human design is contagious. Her reading was very personalized, enlightening and she also taught me about human design so I could continue on with my own research afterwards. I was so intrigued and impressed with the depth of what I learned and her delivery that I recommended her to two of my friends and several colleagues.

Molly H.

2/4 Emotional Generator