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My HD Story

My Human Design (HD) Journey began back in 2019, where I journeyed to Costa Rica to sit with plant medicine. A woman at the retreat mentioned Human Design several times to me. I wrote it down, not immediately paying attention to it. When I finally looked up HD and discovered my chart, I didn’t connect with it. A Manifestor? I tried my entire life to manifest, and nothing ever came to fruition. I set it aside, and didn’t come back to it until early 2020.

HD kept popping up, so I finally looked into it more. Something clicked, and I became even more intrigued. I asked one of my best friends if she had ever heard of it, and her response blew me away. She parented her children and managed her employees based on their designs. I began digging in even more over the next 1.5 years, getting several readings, working with a Manifestor coach, and had a few relationship readings, which greatly improved communication with my partner at the time. The information I was learning seemed so bulletproof. It was based on science, and everything was connected.

In 2021, I signed up for a Living Your Design class with Ben Torre & Tom Pfeiffer. This is where my true “deconditioning” started, as I began to truly understand the truth & depth of the system within my body. I began to truly see me, and accept me. I began to become aware of my “not-self”, and how I was truly living an unaligned life. There were several times I broke down in tears as I became aware of so many moments in my life where I was acting out of fear and unworthiness. The HD system became more healing than any plant medicine journey I ever went on.

Since July of 2021, I have been deep in my experiment. I sold my business, ended relationships, and changed my life to one worth living. One full of joy, self-love, confidence, and empowerment. I am consciously choosing to live the life I want, not for anyone else.

My intention was never to share Human Design. It was a tool I used behind the scenes to scrape off years of conditioning & return to my natural state. It is a byproduct that by living by my design, I am living in a state of Peace (a Manifestors Signature!), which is how I can have the most Impact (every Manifestor’s dream). If you connect with the system & decide to explore HD, I am here to help through sharing my own experience & story. If you choose, you may just find the greatest journey of all – one leading you back to self-love.

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Definition of receptive

1: able or inclined to receive. especially : open and responsive to ideas, impressions, or suggestions


As a quad right (all 4 arrows pointing right), I am pure awareness. I am here to flow, to be open to possibilities, and to be an endless well of information. Being totally receptive means to take it all in: the frequency, vibration, the stored information in the environment, the barakah (spiritual presence)… and so much more. My receptiveness has the ability to reflect the intelligence (or lack of) those around me.


This is what I have to offer: to be an endless well, providing a depth of information accessible by those aware & ready to receive.

Definition of impact

1: to have a direct effect or impact on

As a Manifestor, I am here to have an impact.

My aura speaks louder than words, and all will feel me before they hear me. My channels carry the frequency of love, experience, and abstraction, with an ability to mutate those willing to listen.

This is what I have to offer: Impact through the depth and frequency of my words and emotions.

manifestor human design chart

My Chart

  • 4/6 Emotional Manifestor
  • Split Definition (seeking out that 43 :))
  • Quad Right (100% receptive)
  • Right Angle Cross of Consciousness 2
  • Conscious Sun: 35.4
  • Digestion: Indirect Light
  • Environment: dry kitchens
  • Strongest Sense: Feeling